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Finger Chopper 3.0

Finger Chopper 3.0

  • 商品编号:x3000
  • 商品重量:182.000 克(g)
  • 货  号:x3000
  • 品  牌:Magic8000
  • 市场价: $264.00
  • 销售价: $50.00
app hook


NAME:Finger Chopper 3.0


The spectator is encouraged to check the frame and the blade before the trick.

A clever trick which is very popular as the spectators always expect the magic to go wrong. The blade cuts the cigarette, but passes magically through 4 fingers . This model of the Finger Chopper 3.0 is the upgrade of 2.0 which has a unique locking mechanism and is examinable! We have shown it to dozens of knowledgeable magicians, and they have not figured the clever secret.

If you have any comments or experience, please share with us.



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