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Finger Chopper 3.0
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Finger Chopper 3.0

  • Item code: x3000
  • Weight.: 182.000 (g)
  • Item number: x3000
  • Brand: Magic8000

  • List Price: $264.00
  • Our Price: $50.00


NAME:Finger Chopper 3.0


The spectator is encouraged to check the frame and the blade before the trick.

A clever trick which is very popular as the spectators always expect the magic to go wrong. The blade cuts the cigarette, but passes magically through 4 fingers . This model of the Finger Chopper 3.0 is the upgrade of 2.0 which has a unique locking mechanism and is examinable! We have shown it to dozens of knowledgeable magicians, and they have not figured the clever secret.

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