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Baffling Bag

Baffling Bag

Magically changes colors every time you turn it inside out!

  • 商品编号:x2961
  • 商品重量:100.000 克(g)
  • 货  号:x2961
  • 品  牌:Magic8000
  • 市场价: $39.60
  • 销售价: $12.00
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Baffling Bag

The Magician displays an ordinary black bag to the audience. The bag is turned inside out revealing the inside (now the outside) is red in color. 

The bag is once again turned inside out revealing a white bag. This is repeated revealing a yellow bag, then a green bag. 

The green bag has a zipper, and may be opened to produce an item. Deceptive black border keeps the colors a surprise!

A baffling comedy effect. 

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