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Super D'Lite -- Blue(Pair)

Super D'Lite -- Blue(Pair)

  • 商品编号:x1565
  • 商品重量:20.000 克(g)
  • 货  号:x1565
  • 品  牌:Magic8000
  • 市场价: $5.06
  • 销售价: $2.30
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Super D'Lite -- Blue(Pair)

This is an amazing magic trick!! It is easy to perform. Show your hands empty, then magically produce a bright red light at your

fingertips!Toss it from hand to hand, and make it disappear at your command.Thousands of professional magicians use D'Lite to

entertain audiences throughout the world. Mesmerize spectators by controlling a bright red light at your fingertips with your

seemingly bare hands!


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