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Mystery of High Hat
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Mystery of High Hat

  • Item code: x2914
  • Weight.: 42.000 (g)
  • Item number: x2914
  • Brand: Magic8000

  • List Price: $16.50
  • Our Price: $2.50

Mystery of High Hat

As seen in “See through card” and “Squeeze Play”, tricks created by Sugawara have fascinating visual effects. “Mystery of the high hat” is another masterpiece with the Sugawara touch. A unique idea was introduced to produce the chips one-by-one from underneath the high hat.

As the magician pushes a little hat along the table with a magic wand, eight poker chips appear in a neat row. The four white chips are dropped into the hat followed by the four red chips. Both sides of the chips are shown. With a wave of the wand, the chips reappear in an alternating color sequence. The chips are dropped back into the hat in the same alternating color order. The hat is once again pushed along the table. The chips magically change to their original order.

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