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Empty Bag Appearing Straw

Empty Bag Appearing Straw

  • 商品编号:x1034
  • 商品重量:150.000 克(g)
  • 货  号:x1034
  • 品  牌:Magic8000
  • 市场价: $30.00
  • 销售价: $9.50
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Empty Bag Appearing Straw

The magician opens a box, briefcase or bag away from all tables or other suspicious devices - then from inside the container they

remove an oversized 1.25M long Straw! The Appearing Straw can easily be removed from a paper lunch sack, backpack, or

production item like a Square Circle or an Illusion Box! The possibilities with this versatile prop are virtually limitless. The Appearing

Straw does not telescope as some might suspect, but is actually produced from the container as a single, solid piece. There is nothing

complicated about the production - just pull it out of any commonplace container and listen to your audience react! Guaranteed to

get gasps and laughs! A great addition to your magic act.Tons of Fun! A Great Gag! Amazing Magic that fools the most logical

mind. Easy to do! 


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